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Web Design

Your website is a reflection of your business. A well-designed clean website attracts customers and builds trust with them. In todays connected world, people investigate the products and services online before they decide to do any business with you. Having an online-presence with a beautiful website is no longer a luxury; It is essential to have a website if you want your business to survive.

Create Your Website with Now Technologies

Our web design process is straightforward. The design process begins by a simple conversation about the nature of your website. We may ask you to fill in a brief questionnaire so that we can understand the nature of your website and the type of website which will be most appropriate. After reviewing this information we will offer several options including the website templates, layouts and themes . Upon choosing the options, we will create your website in a few days. For simple websites, where clients have a good understanding of the type of website they want, the web development process may take only a few hours. You can then review the website and then discuss any improvements or modifications you would want.

Web Design Process at Now Technologies

Our web design process is extremely interactive with the clients. This helps us fully understand what the clients want and ensure that they are happy with the final website.

  • Review Client Questionnaire
  • Preliminary Web Design
  • Client Feedback
  • Complete Website Development
  • Final Client Approval